• The Nominating Committee shall consist of three members. The Chairperson will be the Immediate Past President of the Society. The two additional members of the Committee shall be selected by the chairperson for a one (1) year term. Their selection shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of ISSWLHC. This committee shall be charged with the responsibility and duties related to filling all positions for elective offices well as other nominating functions.
  • The Membership Committee is charged with the duty of promoting and adding to the membership of the Society, advising the officers and the Executive Committee on problems concerning membership eligibility.  This committee chair works in close  association with the Secretary of the Board to maintain accurate files.  This committee shall also seek to increase and enlarge the membership aims and purposes of said Society and National Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care.
  • The Education Committee shall have the responsibility to plan for the annual meeting. This committee shall also coordinate any other educational function(s), which the Board of Directors and/or general membership deem necessary. The committee shall provide input to the Society’s strategic plan.  The committee shall consist of an adequate representation of the Society to complete the necessary assigned tasks.
  • The Communication/Advocacy Committee shall be charged with providing a medium of communication to enable the exchange of ideas and items of professional interest to the field of healthcare social work. This committee shall consist of at least one chairperson and up to 2 members who shall identify specific issues and concerns and attend relevant events for ISSWLHC.  They shall provide specific information to the Board of Directors and/or the general membership as indicated.
  • The Finance Committee shall consist of the Treasurer as the chair and up to 2 other individuals.  The Finance Committee is responsible for the development of an operating budget in conjunction with the planning by all standing committees and other Society functions concerning resources.
  • The Scholarship Committee shall work with Schools of Social Work to promote the ISSWLHC scholarship(s), review applicants and present recommendations to the board.
  • Special Committees: The officers, with approval of the Board of Directors, may appoint special committees to serve Ad Hoc committees as necessary.  Approved Ad Hoc committees are:  Student Liaison, and One Day Education Offerings.   




Check back soon for updates on ISSWLHC's Committees, Members, and Programs.